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Death of a Muslim Joan of Arc - Faried Esack, Mail & Guardian

OBITUARY: Shamima Shaikh, former editor of the progressive Muslim monthly Al-Qalam, and the leading Muslim gender-equality activist, dies at age 37.



20 January 1998, Mail & Guardian


SHAMIMA SHAIKH (37), South Africa's leading Muslim gender equality activist, passed away in the early hours of January 8 at her home in Mayfair, Johannesburg. She had cancer. Shaikh left behind her husband, Naeem Jeenah, and two sons Minhaj (9) and Shir'ah (7).

Warrior of the gender jihad returns to her maker after a life well lived


By: Staff Reporter

Sunday, January 18, 1998

The silence after the prayers for Shamimah Shaikh, who died on January 8, is broken by tributes from family, friends and comrades. They talk about a defiance and a fighter’s spirit that will never die.

The Seido Karate Hall in Brixton, Johannesburg, is full. It is Saturday, the 16th day of Ramadan.

Shaikh, who was 37, comes alive in memory. Deeply spiritual, she sought justice and challenged whomever stood in its way.

Claremont Main Road Masjid Mourns Mujahidah Shamima Shaikh

Shamima Shaikh, one of the foremost Muslim women activists in South Africa, died peacefully in the early hours of the morning, at her home in Mayfair, Johannesburg. Shamima leaves behind two young boys, Minhaj and Shir'a, and her husband Na'eem Jeenah. She will be buried in Pietersburg, the town of her birth, later today.

Shamima will always be remembered by Islamic activists all over the country for her unflinching commitment to the gender jihad. She was a founder member of the Muslim Youth Movement's Gender desk. A few years ago in the month of Ramadan, she led a group of women in a protest to a Johannesburg Masjid who had refused women permission to pray inside of it.

Women's Rights Champion loses her Fight against Cancer

The Star, 16 January 1998

Shamima Shaikh (37), a leading human rights and gender activist, died of cancer on January 8.

The courage with which she battled the disease was the same quality which made her a fearless campaigner for women's rights, a democratic and free South African, and the Muslim Youth Movement.

She is survived by her husband and two young sons. A commemoration will be held at the Seido Jodo Hall in Mayfair West tomorrow at 2:30pm.

Finding a voice - Mail & Guardian

Maria McCloy : In your ear

There are signs that Gautengs second Muslim radio station, The Voice, is very different from South Africas other Muslim stations. Two stations in Cape Town have proved extremely popular, while Durban has a couple in the pipeline and Gauteng boasts Radio Islam.

Shamima Shaikh, chair of The Muslim Community Broadcasting Trust, which owns The Voice (on air since August 29), says: This station is open, vibrant, exciting and Muslim, and definitely not condescending and self-righteous.

Obituary - Shuaib Manjra

By Dr Shuaib Manjra

Shamima Shaikh, one of the foremost Muslim women activists in South Africa, was recalled by her Lord in the early hours of the morning of the 9th day of Ramadaan. In writing this obituary, one cannot but remember Soraya Bosch, whose obituary I wrote just about two months ago. Soraya and Shamima were close friends and sisters in a common struggle, both of whose names will feature prominently in the history of the struggle for gender equity within the Islamic tradition.

Women claim the mosques

By Ferial Haffejee, Africa South & East, 1994

There is a quiet revolution underway at mosques around the country as women demand to pray alongside the rest of the congregation. This storming of the masjid is being led by members of the Muslim Youth Movement and by its Transvaal leader, Shamima Shaikh, who gives new meaning to the adage about dynamite in small packages.

Obituary - Abdulkader Tayob

By Professor Abdulkader Tayob

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Moving on the Exalted Friend is always a momentous occasion. But when a martyr to truth and justice moves to her Exalted Friend, it calls for more than a moment of reflection and gratitude. Perchance, we may not be counted among those who cover up (kafara).

Making history in a man's world - Mail & Guardian

Shamima Shaikh is the first women to hold the senior position of chairman of the Transvaal region of the Muslim Youth Movement - just one sign of changes in the community, writes Farouk Chothia

A group of 25 women enter a mosque in Mayfair, adamant that they will pray there. Bearded men yell at the women for having the audacity to leave their homes - and worse, to enter a man's world, the House of Allah. The women stand their ground, forcing the men to back off.

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